i've moved blog! follow me here!

Jan 25 19:43

follow me here!

Jan 15 18:32

i've moved! please follow me here!

Jan 13 17:56

i've moved! follow me here please!

Jan 12 19:09

new blog! follow me here!

Jan 12 13:41

new blog! please follow me here!

Jan 11 18:56

i’ve moved!

hey guys! so i’ve been thinking about this for a long time and now i’ve finally done it, i’ve made a new tumblr! whilst i’ve loved my time on this blog, i have changed very drastically since i first joined and i felt as though i didn’t belong on this blog?? idk how to explain it but i just didn’t like being here. i followed all the wrong people, people with different opinions and who felt that they had to share each of their opinions to the world and force their opinions onto people which is not what i want to see.

but long story short here’s my new blog! you can keep following this blog as i may come back from time to time but this will be inactive in coming weeks. i’ll be posting the link throughout the week for those who didn’t see this post.

oh and please don’t take any offence if i don’t follow you back! it’s not because i don’t like you but it may just be you don’t post the things i like. anyway bye guys, see you guys over there! 

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lotr meme - 1/9 characters → Legolas Greenleaf

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aethyrr said: alianova sounds awesome

i know right? i’ve always wanted a small url and this is just perfect for me but i’m still hesitant about it.

indil-thaurdin said: Alianova! and welcome back sweetiee! : *

aw thank you! and awww thank you very much!! it feels weird to be back but i’m feeling happier already!

swoopswoopis said: alianova is pretty badass although it seems rather out there unless you already know it’s black widows middle name. You could go for alianova-romanov? maybe? Just my opinion, it’s lovely either way ^^

that is true, but i feel that even on its own its still a nice url?? thats a good one too but i don’t really feel comfortable with a dash in my url because i like to track my tag you know? but thank you for the idea!! c:

Jan 11 14:33 ( 2 )

hey everyone i need your help!! i’m trying to decide on a url for my new tumblr and i’m stuck! so i was hoping you guys might help me! its between these two:

orlandoobloom (stay with my current url)

alianova (as in black widow’s middle name)

please help a girl out

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do you know your enemy

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based on (x)

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we’re a timebomb

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